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Are you a real hangaroo champion? Test yourself in the hangaroo game!

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Hangaroo Game

Today we must help one pretty unhappy kangaroo. We must save his life otherwise he will be hanged. This is knowledge test type of game if you want to play classic arcade game instead make sure u check Cat Mario. We will have to guess the phrase to win the level. There are 10 levels that we need to pass if we want to save the kangaroo. Hangaroo Unblocked is amazing game with amazing sound effects specially for you to spend some of your free time which you have plenty. There is nothing that will be so complicated in this game. There will be given letters and some info about the phrase to associate you to guess it. You will have to guess the word with less than 4 mistakes. If you miss more than 4 letters you will lose the game and you will have to start from beginning. You will have to guess book artist, famous actors, presidents, musicians, song, song artists, etc. The controls are pretty simple and you will not find any problems in that section of this game for sure. You will need to use only the mouse to play Hangaroo game. Give it a try. We wish you good luck and have fun while playing this awesome and unique flash game on this site. We hope that you will manage to save the kangaroo and make him happy and thankful. Make sure you also check Warfare1944 it is very cool game.

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