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Lovely Kangaroo is in need of your help! Show us your knowledge in the hangaroo 2 game!

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Hangaroo 2 Game

Second part of this game is out! You will have to test yourself in Hangaroo 2 and see does it possess the right thing you will need to kill some of your boring time at work or school which you must confess you have it a lot. This game has the same task like the first part. The only difference is that there are little changes in the graphics and sound effects. The task remains the same. You will have to use your knowledge to guess the hidden phrases and save the kangaroo from hanging. You will have to guess the letters first to reveal some of the letters and to guess the word easily. You will have only 4 chances of miss. If you make more than 4 mistakes you will lose the game and you will have to start over again from beginning. There are 10 rounds that you will have to complete for completely saving the kangaroo and make him happy that he will see the next day too. Concentrate hard and you will not have any problems finishing the Hangaroo 2 game. You can use additional encyclopedia for some help if there is the wanted answer. Give it a try. The controls are very simple and they should not be a problem. You will need only mouse to maneuver through the game. Good luck and have fun while playing this awesome and unique flash game on this site and we hope that you will manage to accomplish your task.
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