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Lovely Kangaroo needs you! Read this walkthrough and save the hangman


Hangaroo Walkthrough: How to Save the Kangaroo?

Are you a diehard fan of Hangman (the notorious guessing game)? If you are and you want to try something different than that, Hangaroo Walkthrough has something that will be of your interest. This game offers you a classic gameplay of guessing game but with out of the world animations and a few small changes.

If you know about Hangman, then Hangaroo will be a walk in part for you, except that part will be "Jurassic Park". There are thousands of words available in this game. This assures you will never have to place the same round ever again. Correct guesses will bring you close to discover the right answer. If you make four wrong guesses in a row, its game over for you!


Playing Hangaroo is fairly challenging, you need to guess words and phrases from different categories. You have a restricted number of guesses, and you only pick one letter at a guess. You need to get the answer before running out of guesses or else you will get the Kangaroo hanged. Yes, you are also playing the game to save the Kangaroo from getting hanged, hence the name, Hangaroo!

The Settings

The difficulty is different from round to round. Yes, some answers will leap out at you in seconds while some will make you scratch your head to baldness. At certain times, you might want to scramble a dictionary. Never mistake the fact that this game provides you with hints, it's going to be easy. In fact, Hangaroo Walkthrough will have different variations you never came across with.

Guessing Your Way Up

Life of a Cuddly Kangaroo is in your hands; correct guesses will bring happiness while incorrect one will only bring jeers. Get four wrong guesses and you are out of the game. If you want things to get challenging, you might not get a word that you are familiar with, plus you have a life to save. The fact is playing hangman never this challenging and fun.

How to Play and Score

Just like we already said, it's like Hangman, you have to click a letter from Alphabet above words or phrases, and you need to guess. You can also type the letters you want to guess. If your guess is correct, the letters will automatically appear in their blanks. An incorrect guess will warrant a red x which can be seen above the alphabet. Be advised, you are never given points for correct guesses.


The Hangaroo Walkthrough also informs you about the update version of this game. It has over 120 categories with 8,500 items you need to guess. A lot of these have interesting trivia which makes room for more. The fun fact is, this game can be customized with your own words list and categories.

Despite you want to test your word guessing, skill, general or stock knowledge, you can do it all in this game while having fun. If you want, you can also talk to the kangaroo and cheer or jeer him.